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Golden forged a strategic partnership with Novozymes, a global biological development manufacturer. This new collaboration enabled GoldenEnviro to develop and provide patented eco alternative remediation solution to the traditional methods.

Our continuing field experience, coupled with our ongoing research and development program gave Golden a unique advantage in developing new technologies and solutions to previous difficult institutional remediation challenges.

As a result of the teams vast experience in the Remediation field GoldenEnviro is excited to bring this line of field tested eco-cleaning products to the market.

GoldenEnviro Inc. produces and markets cleaning and maintenance eco products, and eco remediation services for commercial, industrial, institutional and consumer applications in North America.

We offer cleaners, degreasers, drain de-cloggers, oil solidifiers and body fluid absorbents for the industrial/maintenance supply, institutional supply, mining and sanitation markets.

Golden Environmental Products Inc. sells its products to:

  • Hospitals and Mining Supply Companies through specialty distributors and Industrial Suppliers
  • Retailers, such as home-improvement stores, hardware stores and specialty stores are serviced by approved Distributors.
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Management Team

Ron and Monica Trivett have enjoyed the Remediation Business for the past 40 years. Golden had its beginnings in the residential and commercial cleaning industries. The business evolved into a Restoration Contractor and products company. GoldenEnviro partnered with Novozymes  a global biological development manufacturer.  Through their collaboration a new patented product was developed called BIM 200™. Bim 200™ as well as others products were added to support the Remediation  arm of GoldenEnviro Products. Today the team has marketed their products to sell to Distributor and Industrial suppliers throughout North America.

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Mark Sachkiw has joined Golden Environmental Products Inc. as Vice President of Sales and Marketing in May 2013 bringing with him his vast experience of over 36 years in sales and marketing. After studying microbiology at the University of Calgary, Mark embarked on a 32 year career with RadioShack Canada which included store management, district management and finally Senior Director, Dealer Division for Canada.

Shabir Lalany joined Golden Environmental Products Inc. in July 2015 bringing his expertise as a chemical engineer.  After completing his Chem.eng from McGill University in 1980, Shabir operated and managed a surfactant company for over 20 years. Shabir will assume the R&D roll for Golden.

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Some of our products carry the EcoLogo and UL certifications. Golden Environmental Products Inc. is a member of the USGBC and certain products can help earn points in the LEED rating system. Please see individual product pages for more info.

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