CASBA 2012 Award Winner: Golden Enviro Products

The Canadian Safe Boating Council is in the business of promoting safe and responsible boating throughout Canada. The Canadian Safe Boating Council works to achieve its mission through a few major events.

Each January, stakeholders in recreational boating safety assemble to honour the people, programs, organizations and marinas that help to make boating in Canada safer and better for all of us, and to keep the environment clean. This gala is the Canadian Safe Boating Awards, or simply referred to as the CASBAS, with nominations coming from people in the industry, boating safety organizations and the general public.

Golden Enviro Products’ Bim200 Eats It Up

If only all the world’s problems could be eaten away! In any case, Golden Enviro Products’ of Ontario has a winner on its hands with BIM200. The Canadian Safe Boating Council is pleased to recognize Golden Environmental Products with its Safeguarding the Environment Award for 2012.

BIM 200 contains a ‘modest’ 50 billion microbes per liter, and safely cleans and deodorizes oil, grease, fuel spills and stains – most of which cross a boater’s path on or off the water. And the best part is it works in short order with a bit of brushing, or can do the job itself if left to ‘nibble’ over a longer period. Thumbs up to Golden Enviro Products for helping conscientious boaters safeguard our environment!

Some of our products carry the EcoLogo and UL certifications. Golden Environmental Products Inc. is a member of the USGBC and certain products can help earn points in the LEED rating system. Please see individual product pages for more info.

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