GoldenCleanse Low Foam Detergent

GoldenCleanse™ Surgical Instrument Detergent is a non-enzymatic detergent designed for automated processes such as tunnel washers, ultrasonic washers and cart washers. It is effective for the cleaning of metallic and plastic medical, surgical and dental instruments, including flexible and rigid endoscopes.

What does it do?

GoldenCleanse™ is an effective detergent for cleaning all metallic and plastic medical, dental and veterinarian surgical instrumentation including flexible and rigid endoscopes. GoldenCleanse™ is scientifically formulated to be low foaming and environmentally safe. This product is designed to breakdown all organic and inorganic biological residue.

Where do I use it?

For use on: Laparoscopic, Neuro, Orthopedic, Surgical, and Microsurgical instrumentation.

Safe to use on most metals: including aluminum, stainless steel, gold plated, titanium, and tungsten carbide.

Regulatory Information

  • Non-hazardous components; contains no hazardous ingredients per OSHA Hazard
  • Communications standard 29 CFR 1910.1200.
  • Meets guidelines from OSHA, EPA, DOT, EU Community & Canada
  • Surfactants comply with all biodegradable criteria according to OECD Standards and EPA/EU
  • Detergent Guidelines –classified as Ultimate Biodegradable
  • EPA/Classification (Non-Hazardous)
  • Meets Practice Greenhealth Specifications

Sizes Available

  • 4 L (1 Gal) Jug
  • 20 L (5 Gal) Jug

Storage and handling

Store in a dry area away from direct sunlight and excessive heat. Avoid freezing. Storage Containers: Stainless steel, lined stainless steel (i.e. epoxy, phenolic ), high density polyethylene and glass.

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