HerbaExtract Drain Clog Free

A unique, natural, concentrated formulation of microbes, enzymes and surfactants for de-clogging and cleaning drains while deodorizing odors and odor-causing organic materials.

What does it do?

A clogged drain can stop operations – whether it is a healthcare facility, busy restaurant, or even at home. DRAIN CLOG FREE combines fast-acting chemistry to quickly open clogged drains with a patented beneficial microorganism that continuously degrades organic drain buildup. The long-lasting microbial action of DRAIN CLOG FREE helps maintain free-flowing drain lines and reduce the organic matter that cause malodors.

Photo of drain for Golden Enviro HerbaExtract Drain Clog Free product

Where do I use it?

DRAIN CLOG FREE has been confirmed by independent laboratory testing to open clogged drains and effectively remove congested sinks and drain soil made of grease, fat, starch, sugar and protein. This same independent laboratory's tests show that DRAIN CLOG FREE performs better than the leading brand of drain openers. The buildup of organic matter in the drain line is a major cause of blockages and slow-running drain lines.

Sizes Available

  • 500 mL (1 US pint) bottle
  • 1 L (1 US quart) bottle
  • 4 L (1 US gallon) bottle
  • 20 L (5 US gallon) pail with pull spout

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Features and Benefits

Fast, effective drain opener

  • Independent laboratory test confirms that DRAIN CLOG FREE quickly opens clogged drains and effectively removes congested soil. DRAIN CLOG FREE performance is superior to the leading brand of caustic acid drain cleaners
  • Helps maintain free-flowing drain lines and prevent drain blockages on a continuous basis by degrading organic matter found in most drains
  • Reduces the need for additional drain treatment and maintenance

Long-lasting odor control

  • Provides long lasting odor reduction by breaking down odorous volatile fatty acids and odor-causing organic buildup

Patented microbial technology

  • Patented microbial technology for long-lasting grease interceptor performance, even under harsh or low-pH conditions

Is it safe?

  • In choosing a product, we wanted to be sure the product we used did not contain dyes, ammonia or chlorine. The product is made from pure, renewable, patented plant extract ingredients which works as well as traditional caustic drain cleaners.
  • EPA Category IV Toxicity (safest rating allowed) for all routes of exposure.
  • Non Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) regulated product.

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