A patented, non-toxic  ENZYME and MICROBIAL drain clog solution that quickly eats through organic clogs without creating toxic fumes or damaging pipes, then converts to CO2 and water: a BIOREMEDIATION technique.

What does it do?

A clogged drain can stop operations – whether it is a healthcare facility, busy restaurant, or even at home. Nature's Drain™ combines fast-acting chemistry to quickly open clogged drains with a patented beneficial microorganism that continuously degrades organic drain buildup. The long-lasting microbial action of Nature's Drain helps maintain free-flowing drain lines and reduce the organic matter that cause malodors.

Features and Benefits

Sizes Available


• Prevent drain blockages continuously

• Long-lasting performance

• Prevent odor build-up

• No fumes or heat generated

• Herbal scented


Doesn’t create toxic fumes and it will not harm drains, pipes, septic or sewage systems.


Improves the performance of septic tanks and sewage systems as microbes will continue to breakdown organic matter long after the drain is cleared.


The 16oz bottle can be used to clear up to 4 blocked drains, up to 7 for the 30oz bottle.

  • 500 mL (16 oz) bottle
  • 909 mL (30 oz) bottle

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Is it safe?

  • In choosing a product, we wanted to be sure the product we used did not contain dyes, ammonia or chlorine. The product is made from pure, renewable, patented plant extract ingredients which works as well as traditional caustic drain cleaners.
  • EPA Category IV Toxicity (safest rating allowed) for all routes of exposure.
  • Non Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) regulated product.

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